Mobile Network Booster

5G 4G 3G Commercial Signal booster
NetworkAll 5G, 4G & 3G
Frequency1800-2300 MHz
Supported MobileAll 5G-4G Smart phones 
Area Covered
Up to 15000 sqft Area*
Return Policy 10 Days*
Output27 DBM*
ShippingPAN India*
InstallationAvailable with the KIT (15M Wire Free)*
Extra WireLMR-500 Rs. 80/Meter Wire

5G 4G 3G commercial booster ‘Introduction'

The 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster as the name suggests is for properties bigger than the regular offices or offices or houses. This Machine kit is more powerful to host more indoor antennas thus it covers more indoor area size. 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster kit improves the 5G, 4G as well as 3G signals and it is for both Android & iphone smart phones, it supports all Network Sim providers in all over India be it Jio or Airtel and Vodafone-idea ‘VI’, This model is willing to support all the network sims: it runs with 900MHz or 850 MHz along with 1800MHz and 2100MHz frequency thus 5G & 4G turns out to be universally available with this model Pan- India. This Signal booster is ideal for up to 1500 to 2000sqft (up to 220 square meter) area, the coverage can further be enhanced by installing up to 3 RF Indoor antennas. Our 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster provides the best service in any area where network companies don’t provide enough signals. Our 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster is easy to deploy and it connects with your phone in very little time, and you will start to enjoy full Signals at your residence/office. Our 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster works great everywhere even in basements or the ground/first floors of a densely populated area. Anywhere you get less signals because of too many buildings around you Buy our 5G 4G 3G commercial signal booster and get full signals in all the phones you have. 

Product Specifications
BrandInfinity Solutions
Band5G (2100-1800), 4G (850-1800) & 3G (2100) 
Package InclusionsIndoor Antenna, Outdoor Antenna, Booster, Connector, 15meter wire, Power Adapter 
Idea ForBig Houses,  offices, Showrooms, Fine Dine Restaurants and Big Institutes
Supported OSI phone’s IOS Operating System, Android for all brands, Other 5G Phones like: Windows, Blackberry etc. 
Supported NetworksJIO, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL and all other 
Additional FeaturesGreat 5G Signal Strength, Reduced or No Radiation, Increased Battery life, No voice Break, No call Drops, faster Internet & Data Access

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